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Urgent water restrictions needed to protect ‘dying’ chalk streams, say rivers groups

Monday, June 10, 2019

England's rare and fragile chalk streams are in such a stressed state that wate restrictions should urgently be put in place to protect them, according to a group of 12 rivers and wildlife organisations.

The group, which includes the Angling Trust, the Wild Trout Trust, Chilterns Chalk Streams Project and the Rivers and Wildlife Trusts, says that river levels and groundwater supplies are now so depleted that the freshwater ecosystems are “quite simply dying from a lack of water”.

Why England's rare chalk streams are under threat

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The river Misbourne should be a pristine, gin-clear chalk stream teeming with invertebrates, fish and birds, but today it is little more than a dirt track. Allen Beechey, who runs the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project, gestures to the muddy path that used to be the river and explains the “chronic problem” affecting the area’s chalk streams. “Abstraction in this area has gone up exponentially since the end of World War Two… abstraction pressure is building massively and very quickly and the situation is getting progressively worse,” he says.

WWF Report - The State of England's Chalk Streams

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

England is home to the majority of the world's chalk streams. They provide unique habitats for iconic species such as water voles, otters and mayflies, however a WWF Report has revealed the shocking state that our chalk streams are in. It was found that 77% of England's chalk streams do not meet good status under the Water Framework Directive and that only 12 out of 224 chalk streams have protected status.

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