CaBA Biodiversity Pack

Monday, April 1, 2019

Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) have put together a very useful and informative 'Biodiversity Pack'.

The 'CaBA Biodiversity Pack' has been produced to support catchment partnerships and others in their delivery of freshwater and wetland biodiversity projects.

Building on a host of existing habitat management guidance, the pack aims to:

1. Provide an ecological explanation of why natural ecosystem function is important to our freshwater and wetland wildlife; and

2. Set out specific management messages to help guide decision-making in catchments, promoting the restoration of natural processes across a number of key freshwater and wetland habitats.

The factsheets set out what natural ecosystem functions look like for a range of freshwater and wetland habitat types and why this natural functionality should be valued. These simple, habitat-specific guides, could be useful when developing proposals for habitat restoration schemes and in discussing ideas with landowners and communities.

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