Blue Heart Patagonia

Friday, June 22, 2018

Patagonia's new film Blue Heart.

The film documents the plight of the last wild rivers of Europe. On the Balkan Peninsula, between Slovenia and Albania, more than 3,000 proposed hydropower projects threaten to destroy the culture and ecology of this forgotten region.

Stories told within the film include the battle to protect Albania’s Vjosa River, the largest undammed river in Europe; the effort to save the endangered Balkan Lynx in Macedonia, and the months-long fight by women of Kruščica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are protesting day and night to save their community’s only source of drinking water.

Blue Heart brings international awareness to this potential European environmental disaster. Check out the film trailer here.

You can support this campaign by hosting your own screening of Blue Heart, and by signing the petition urging international banks to stop investing in the destruction of Europe’s last wild rivers. This will be handed into international banks by the end of June.

Check out the website here for more information.

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