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Exploring capacity building for catchment partnerships learning workshops: Strengthening Partnership Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

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20th January 2016, Sheffield

2nd February 2016, Bristol

4th February 2016, London

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Summary of outputs

Objective setting case study

Short monitoring & objective setting guide

Monitoring planner

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Setting project and monitoring objectives to demonstrate where and why river restoration or management has had multiple benefits
  The need for river restoration monitoring to establish the true potential (and constraints) to delivering good ecological potential

8th July 2014

Salisbury, Wiltshire



12th - 13th December 2006

New Forest                            



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Delegates were taught about the importance of effective project and monitoring objectives. This was then applied when they designed a robust monitoring programme for a restoration site.


This seminar brought together people from a range of disciplines with the aim of working towards agreeing a river restoration monitoring framework capable of providing guidance about the range of monitoring methodologies available and the level of monitoring needed for a given project size and set of objectives.