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FREE attendance! A programme of events for maximising opportunities, connecting catchments to coasts, sharing and embedding best practice that benefits people, profitable farming and land management, floods, the economy and the environment

Web links take you to case study information and outputs from the events. Contacts for bookings are provided. Main point of contact or, telephone: 07795 333157


  • Share evidence, good practice and embedding learning
  • Building relationships between communities, institutes and partnerships across the UK and abroad
  • Maximising opportunities for dialogue between RFCCs, Flood Action Groups and Catchment Partnerships
  • Building capacity for local authorities and catchment partnerships to achieve best practice natural flood management

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What? Up to 70 visits, workshops, webinars and practical training. Visiting 20 catchments in England, exchanging experiences and lessons learnt to inspire future leaders and talent


When? Where? What? Theme Booking

Thursday February 14th

Durham CaBA Annual  



Friday February 15th

Durham Sustainable Urban Water Management Workshop Inclusive sustainable growth



Friday February 19th School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, University Road, Bristol, BS8 1SS Bristol Avon Rivers Trust - AGOL for schools training course Innovation data and evidence, appraising and evaluating






People, partnerships and systems governance

4 events


Integrating programmes mobilising money

6 events


Farming, land and natural flood management

16 events


Rejuvenating landscapes, rivers and wildlife

4 events


Inclusive sustainable growth

6 events


Practical events connecting people and environments

2 events


Catchments to coasts

1 event


Innovation data and evidence, appraising and evaluating

3 events


Water and land stewardship

0 events


Previous events

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