QField for Ecologists and Environmental Practitioners

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 10:00 to Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 13:00

This event introduces surveyors to QField, an open source mobile GIS mapper which works alongside the QGIS GIS program. The application allows for efficient electronic data capture in the field and can be used for habitat mapping as well as capturing species information.

We cover the key advantages of capturing habitat and species data electronically as well as considering equipment options. Much of the event focusses on setting up projects in QGIS for transfer to QFIELD, including the use of the QField Sync plugin. We demonstrate how to prepare basemaps, configure map themes and transfer projects to a mobile device for use in the field.

We then look at Qfield functionality on a mobile device (android 'phone or tablet), firstly in the classroom and then in the field. Field work will include capturing point, line and polygon data as well as editing data in the field.

Finally we will cover the transfer of field data back into a QGIS project in the classroom.

The event is suitable for anyone who is proficient at basic map production (e.g. habitat maps) in QGIS and wishes to use QFIELD for capturing data electronically in the field.

The event will combine demonstration with excercises to consolidate learning after every session. There will also be an outdoor session during which delegates can capture real data in the field.

IT equipment, including a laptop pre-loaded with QGIS and a smart phone or tablet running the Android operating will be needed.