High Nature Value Floodplains Policy Workshop

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 10:00 to 15:00
Central London
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 High nature-value floodplains, with multifunctional habitats such as floodplain meadows, are a vital component of a healthy ecosystem, which can provide a multitude of services. They not only conserve diversity, but also mitigate flood risk, manage nutrients, store carbon, support pollinators and provide inspiring places for people. 

Currently, however, our floodplains experience a range of constraints that prevent them from functioning effectively. Current estimates of land-use on floodplains in England and Wales indicate that nearly 70 % is under intensive agricultural use and only 11% supports semi-natural habitats such as floodplain meadow.  We plan to use this workshop to explore the following questions:

o            Is current floodplain management in the UK sustainable?

o            Do current policies encourage sustainable floodplain management?

o            What would we like to see?

o            What up-coming policy programmes can be used to deliver our aspirations?

We will end the session with a ‘road map’ to delivering better outcomes for sustainable floodplain management.

Contact Olivia.Nelson@open.ac.uk for more information and to attend.