Future of environmental principles and governance post-Brexit

Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 08:30 to 13:00
Central London

This seminar will assess the future regulatory landscape for environmental standards and the role of a new independent environmental watchdog.

It will be an opportunity to consider key issues raised in the Government’s recently closed consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance post-Brexit.

The agenda includes keynote addresses from Sonia Phippard, Director General, Environment, Rural and Marine, Defra; Emma Howard Boyd, Chair, Environment Agency and Andrew Bryce, Founder Member and former Chairman, UKELA, with further speaking contributions from Roz Bulleid, Head of Climate, Energy and Environment Policy, EEF; Christopher Price, Director of Policy and Advice, CLA; Michael Roberts, Chief Executive, Water UK and Shaun Spiers, Executive Director, Green Alliance.

Delegates will discuss how the environmental principles laid out in EU treaties might best be embedded into UK law, and the functions and powers the watchdog should have in overseeing environmental law and policy - including in air, waste, water and chemical regulation.

Attendees will also look at the steps that will need to be taken in relation to the aims laid out in the 25 Year Environment Plan, with the Environmental Audit Committee calling for the Government to enshrine biodiversity targets, habitats and soil quality targets into UK law.

In the context of the recently introduced Agriculture Bill, we also expect discussion on recommendations for a new land management system after the UK leaves the Common Agriculture Policy - and assessing its goals for delivering a “Green Brexit”.

Further sessions focus on the potential opportunities and challenges for developing UK-wide environmental standards, including discussion on the future responsibilities of the UK and devolved administrations and opportunities for promoting growth in the UK economy.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • The role, remit and future powers of the new independent environmental standards body in ensuring government accountability;
  • The outlook for setting environmental standards post-Brexit;
  • Balancing regulation with the needs of businesses; and
  • Assessing the wider environmental principles of the UK after leaving the EU.