CaBA Workshop: Delivering Environmental Benefits in Urban Communities

Thursday, October 22, 2015 - 10:00 to 16:30
40 Bull Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

This event will be convened under the auspices of the Urban CaBA Sub-Group and will be a collaboration between the CaBA National Support Group, the Defra Urban Ecosystem Services Project and Ciria. The 1-day event will be split into two main sessions (morning and afternoon). 

Morning session 

The morning session will be 2.5 hours in length (4x 30 minute sections and an extended networking break) and will be designed to meet the objectives of the Urban CaBA Working Group.

The morning session will be set up as a ‘show and tell’ during which practitioners, strategic planners and academics are given 5-10 minute slots to introduce people to their work/expertise and to signpost people to their resources or further information. Speakers will be invited to say what they have done, what their objectives were and what the outcome of the work was/is intended to be. 

Delegates and speakers will be invited to bring posters, case studies or other resources to show at the event (irrespective of whether they get to speak). 

The 4x 30 minute sections will be categorised as: 1) practical delivery of interventions; 2) strategic tools/approaches (incl. CBA, targeting, design/Optioneering); 3) help and guidance for urban practitioners, and 4) engagement, communications and partnership working.

Afternoon session 

The afternoon session will be 2.5 hours in length and will be run as a carousel workshop with 6x tables. Each table will have a facilitator to drive a scripted discussion into a particular issue with each set of delegates (i.e. 6x different discussions). All delegates will be asked to spend time at all of the tables. 

The aim of the session is to develop our understanding of the current ways of working (good practice), to get people thinking about these issues in a more structured way and to refine our approach to creating resources to empower and facilitate the work of catchment partnerships in urban areas.

The topic of conversation on the 6x tables will be: 1) strategic targeting and design of interventions; 2) the urban practitioners toolbox; 3) partnership working, stakeholder engagement and communications; 4) community mobilisation and sources of funding; 5) assessment and communication of benefits, and 6) barriers to delivery and knowledge gaps.