Basin Action Agenda: Connecting cities, utilities and industries with their basins

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 14:00 to 15:15

What is the Basin Action Agenda?  The IWA is developing the Basin Action Agenda, which aims to influence and activate utilities, cities and their industries to become water stewards working with basin and catchment organisations, as well as other water management stakeholders (e.g. agriculture and mining).

The Agenda aims to activate the Principles for Water Wise Cities by providing guidance pathways to achieve Basin Connected Cities including:

  • Securing water resources
  • Protecting water quality
  • Preparing for extreme events

To support the development of the Basin Action Agenda, a series of Basin Stories have been developed to highlight different pathways towards achieving Basin Connected Cities. For example, through sharing and applying data and Information to better plan for floods and droughts; using regulatory and financial incentives for protecting source watersheds; and building knowledge on nature based solutions, such as revegetation in upstream areas which can reduce nutrient leaching and erosion/sediment runoff that affects water quality downstream.

Webinar Description: This webinar will present and discuss some of the Basin Stories which illustrate different pathways to connect urban areas with their watersheds. We would like to use the webinar as an opportunity to collect your feedback to ensure that the Basin Action Agenda becomes recognized as a valuable guidance document to activate urban water stewards in their basins.

Click here to access a brief summary of the Basin Action Agenda. Click here to access a short video about the Basin Action Agenda

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