Desk-based assessment for river restoration planning & catchment management

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Desk-based assessment for river restoration planning & catchment management


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There is a lot of information you can look at prior to heading out on site, to provide you with a better understanding of your catchment, target your field surveys and identify potential restoration measuresThis one-day course will help you find, collate, display and interpret existing data for your river restoration projects or catchment strategy. Existing data on flood risk, geology, terrain, land use etc. provide evidence and justification for projects and help target field work and restoration action. As part of the course, we will discuss the data required to achieve project priorities, we will show you how to find, download and display available datasets, and help you analyse them and produce meaningful outputs. We will use a case study example to practice and demonstrate how to apply a desktop assessment to pressure and impact evaluation for building a river restoration strategy. This course is open to anybody with a basic knowledge in river restoration and hydromorphology. Although not required, prior attendance of the Introduction to Hydromorphology (Level 1) course or the Developing a Catchment-wide restoration plan course can be beneficial. No prior knowledge of GIS or data analysis techniques is required for the course.

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Key learning objectives    
  • To identify aspects that you need to consider to achieve your project objectives (e.g. pressure identification, impact assessment, water and habitat quality characterisation etc.);


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RRC Members: £228 (Online cost £165)

Non-members: £297 (Online cost £222)

  • To identify the data you need for your background assessment prior to work in the field;
  • To show you a range of available datasets online and through the RRC or other organisations;
  • To learn how to download, access and display data resources;
  • To learn how to interpret a range of datasets (GIS, LiDAR, land use etc.);
  • ​To develop outputs for your restoration project using the datasets (e.g. Google Maps).
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