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Land & Water is first and foremost an environmental company, full of people who are passionate about caring for our coastline and the nation's network of rivers, streams, wetlands and waterways.

They are award-winning civil and environmental engineering experts who creatively and sympathetically deliver effective solutions for the maintenance and management of the UK’s coastalcanal and river networks.

Whether you are looking for the provision of large-scale amphibious equipment, strategic project planning and delivery for simple and complex projects, advice on habitat and wildlife protection, or simply operational support and training for smaller projects, our team is ready to help.

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Land & Water were the contact organisation for this project, listed on the EU RiverWiki

They were also the main contact organisation for the below projects listed on the National River Restoration Inventory (NRRI):

  • Five Weirs Walk - Fish Pass Creation
  • M1 River Swift Revetment.Erosion Work


These contacts are listed on our Practitioners List, designed to help you find the right consultants or contractors for your project or research.