This months issue advertises the upcoming RRC training courses and site visit to the River Ogwen Restoration Project. Also have a look at all the conference outputs from the Annual Conference in Nottingham last month. We acknowledge the first River Champion, George Mackintosh for his hard work with the Forth Fisheries Trust and Slamannan Angling & Protective Association. Check out the UK River Prize winner and finalists project videos, plus have a look at all the river restoration news and events.

This issue the RRC announce the winner of the 2018 UK River Prize, Hills to Levels! Congratulations to all the partners involved in this project. Also, we reflect on the 19th RRC Annual Network Conference held in Nottingham on April 24th and 25th. This year 362 delegates attended the conference, with opportunities to present work in presentations, posters and workshops, network with other industry professionals, make new connections, and share knowledge, experiences and ideas. Also, we acknowledge the 2018 River Champions, nominated for their voluntary roles in their local catchments.

Check out the 2018 UK River Prize Finalists in this month's bulletin! Congratulations to the 4 finalists in the categories Innovation, Catchment-scale, Urban and Multiple benefit partnership. Also, there is still time to book your place at the fast approaching RRC Conference in Nottingham next month. Join the 300+ delegates already booked, and take this opportunity to hear presentations from a range of organisations on hot topics including NFM, Catchment-scale thinking, floodplain management, large wood in rivers, and Natural Capital. Plus, have a look at the upcoming Integrated Catchment Delivery events focusing on working in partnership.

This month's issue is packed with lots of river restoration news and events, including World Fish Migration Day, UK Junior Water Prize, and opportunities to help out at your local river clean up. Plus, bookings are still open for the RRC 19th Annual Network Conference, and the River Habitat Survey training in Cardiff in March! There is still time to nominate someone as a River Champion; and find out more about showcasing your project on the EU RiverWiki page, and creating your very own case study project.

In the first issue of the RRC bulletin in 2018, we advertise early-bird conference bookings, 2018 UK River Prize applications, and the 2018 River Champions. Plus, there is a call for case studies focusing on bats and culverts, information on urban river restoration and sustainability, and the latest publication of the RRC Science Digest literature review on flow deflectors.

This month bookings open for the 2018 RRC Annual Network Conference, with early bird prices until February 12th! Also we are advertising multiple training courses including RHS and Project Evaluation. We acknowledge the continued effort of the 2017 River Champions, and highlight our updated advice page with information on how we can help you out with your restoration project. Plus, there's lots of restoration news and events for you to catch up on.

This month we look back at the two NFM courses on floodplain and surface water mapping, plus check out the upcoming training courses as well as sponsorship opportunities for the 2018 Conference! We acknowledge the hard work of another 2017 River Champion, and highlight a project on the EU RiverWiki involving soft engineering techniques. Additionally, there's lots of news to catch up on!

In this issue we advertise 3 exciting upcoming training courses, as well as the opportunities available to sponsor the RRC Conference 2018! We look back at the Healthy Rivers Project Site Visit in South East Wales, and highlight the hard work of one of the 2017 River Champions, Nick Fysh. We also acknowledge the departure of Emma from the RRC team, and there is plenty of news and events to catch up on as usual.

This Summer Special Edition of the RRC Bulletin includes the Call for Abstracts for the RRC Conference, with booking forms for presentations and posters. Also, there are a few upcoming site visits and training courses including Introduction to Hydromorphology, and NFM courses. We also acknowledge the dedicated hard work of Euan Bull, a 2017 River Champion. A new book will also be published later in the year, 'Rivers of Life, Rivers of Death' - pre-order now! There is also a feature on what technical advice RRC can offer you, so get in touch with your enquiries.

This month's issue promotes the upcoming RRC Site Visits and Training Courses, including an Introduction to Hydromorphology course in Bristol in September, and a River Habitat Survey Certification course in Cardiff next month. Also, we congratulate the finalists of the International River Prize, including the River Tweed which was the 2015 UK River Prize. Check out our latest video on Why is River Restoration Important, and our new factsheet on all aspects of river restoration. We also acknowledge the hard work of another 2017 River Champion, Martin Moore, Chairman of the Loddon Fisheries and Conservation Consultative. Finally, RRC say goodbye to Rosie, Community Engagement Officer - best of luck for the future!