This month we launch the first training course of the year focusing on hydromorphology. Also we publish a new factsheet and video on how to get involved in river restoration in your local area. Additionally, the RRC River Champions aims to acknowledge those who volunteer their time to help restore their local river environment.

This month the UK River Prize 2017 has been launched, early bird bookings for our Annual Network Conference are still open, and we look back on the Members' Site Visit earlier in November. Also, there are many news articles and events to catch up on!

This month we welcome two new members to our team, look forward to bookings going live for next year's conference and read a new book which is freely available online. As usual there's also plenty of news, videos and events to check out.

This month we received a fantastic response to our call for abstracts for next year's RRC Conference - Over 60 received! Also in this edition, a new IUCN report on river restoration and biodiversity has been released.

This month we look forward to next year's RRC Conference in Brighton. As well as this there are updates on the Pearls in Peril Project and the Catchment Partnership Action Fund.

This month we look at the results from our Big Questions survey that delegates answered during this year's Conference. We also look back our latest Members Site Visit and some river restoration articles from the US.

This month, we look at the RRC Conference from a consultants perspective with a blog by Suzie Maas from Atkins. More outputs are now available from the conference as well as our Australian River Restoration Seminar. Finally, there's an opportunity to visit a UK River Prize finalist project with our 2016 members site visit series.

This month we look back at the 17th Annual RRC Conference which was attended by 300 delegates! This issue also covers the 2016 UK River Prize which was won by the Rivers Eden, Derwent and Kent. Marc Naura has also joined the RRC team.

This month the UK River Prize finalists have been announced! There are four finalists, one of which will go on to win the Nigel Holmes Trophy on the 26th April at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool. In this edition we also introduce our new River Restoration Adviser, Jasmine Errey.

This special edition looks back at the Catchment Partnership Learning Workshops and looks forward to the site visit at this year's Conference. Elsewhere SEPA has launched a new Natural Flood Management Handbook and the final REFORM Policy Brief has been released.