Introducing Jasmine, our new River Restoration Adviser

Hi everyone!

I recently joined the RRC as a River Restoration Advisor, which is my first job in the UK after leaving consulting and government roles in river and catchment management in Australia.

I have previously been fortunate to work in some really fascinating environments including groundwater springs in desert South Australia, coastal seagrass beds in Western Australia and lowland river floodplains of the iconic Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers. I’m looking forward to extending my experience to include some fascinating and unique UK River system types, and learning about a different perspective of river management here.

My role at the RRC is to provide specific technical advice for river restoration projects, as well as organising and delivering the RRC’s program of training, workshops, site visits and seminars. I’ll also play a part in delivering the RRC Annual Conference, so should have plenty of opportunities to get to know the other players in UK river management. 

I am particularly interested in applying a catchment-scale approach to river management where possible. I most like being involved in projects where catchment partners work together to identify, plan and deliver the most-needed improvements for rivers, whether this is land management changes up in the hills or lowland in-channel works...or anything in between. As a scientist I also have a strong appreciation for a really well-designed monitoring and evaluation program, that allows us to collect the right information and make even better decisions next time around.

Outside work, I have a passion for travel and other cultures and landscapes, and am happiest when I’m planning a trip to somewhere new. I plan to take advantage of having Europe on the doorstep while in the UK, although there’s also so much to explore within this beautiful country. Additionally I’m a big sport fan and particularly love watching Australian football, though will obviously need to find a replacement to keep me occupied on weekends here...

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new faces, so please take the time to say hello!


Hi Jasmine,
Great to welcome you to the RRC! I work closely with the RRC on the River SSSI restoration programme so I am sure we will be working together soon. On the Aussie rules score- they show it on Channel 4 sometimes!

Best wishes
Jenny Wheeldon

Thanks Jenny! That's good to know (on both topics!). 
Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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