Introducing Hazel

There has been a recent addition to our team at the RRC as Hazel Wilson has joined us on a postgraduate placement. To introduce you to Hazel, we asked her a few questions on your behalf.

Where are you from?

I have lived in Worcester for most of my life but I’ve recently been in Nottingham where I completed my undergraduate degree in BSc Geography at the University of Nottingham.

Why are you interested in River Restoration? 

My degree has given me a passion for water resources management and river restoration in particular. I completed a module called River Management and Restoration which gave me a real feel for the practicalities and issues involved in river restoration works. Also completing projects such as an investigation into the effectiveness of re-meandering rivers, and research into the effects of dam impoundments on sediment flow gave me an understanding of the value of a naturally working river, and the importance of considering these issues. I think it’s a really exciting time to be interested in river restoration!

What is your role at the RRC?

Primarily I’m working to support Josh in managing the RiverWiki, National River Restoration Inventory (NRRI) and UK Projects Map. This involves updating existing information, approving new projects added to the RiverWiki  and ensuring consistency to ensure each are as complete as possible for their different purposes, explained here.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to meeting people who have an interest and enthusiasm for rivers. There is a lot we can learn from each other. I’m also excited about learning more about what is being done for our rivers at the moment and what should be done next.

What are your interests outside of River Restoration?

I’m particularly interested in outdoor sports, especially kayaking (keeping with the rivers theme!) and climbing. I’m also a keen amateur photographer interested in a number of styles, but especially landscape and urban street photography.

Thanks Hazel.

If you haven’t yet added the projects you are involved in to the RiverWiki, it’s very simple. If you have any issues uploading your UK based projects please do contact us.There are multiple benefits of uploading projects for both lead organisations and the wider river restoration community.



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