First teaching mission of the year

On Friday I went up to Birmingham to give a lecture on river restoration to the River Environmental Management masters course students. I was also given the role as ‘The Client’ for the master student’s group projects and ended up giving a spontaneous lecture on monitoring and evaluation (one of my own personal favourite topics).  After outlining the principles of process driven river restoration, societal constraints and management, benefits and a number of examples of various techniques and restoration strategies, it was time for the students to have a go. Equipped with a toolbox and a river in poor condition they dived into the task of restoration. For some groups, the designs very much resembled the ‘solution’ or what was done on site. For others, the solutions were more imaginative or in some cases modest. This is a really good lead to a discussion about the aims of river restoration and what Working with Natural Processes entails in different situations.

Keep sharing knowledge!



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