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The River Restoration Centre (RRC) is supported by the following seven UK environmental agencies. Each organisation has a grant or contract agreement related to the support that RRC can offer to their staff.  All staff of these organisations are automatically members of RRC and therefore have access to our core information and services.  

Core Funders

Environment Agency


The Environment Agency is a public body sponsored by DEFRA. EA "work to create better places for people and wildlife, and support sustainable development". The EA's responsibilities encompass many aspects of river restoration including fisheries, flood risk, ecology, waste and contamination.

Check how EA staff can access support from RRC here.


Natural Resources Wales is a Welsh Government sponsored body. Its aim is to "ensure that the environment and natural resources of Wales are sustainably maintained, sustainably enhanced and sustainably used, now and in the future." 

River restoration and management falls under many of NRW's responsibilities.

How to access support

Natural Resources Wales



    Northern Ireland Environment


NIEA has been a core funder since 2007. The current agreement ended in November 2015 and due to the restructuring across Northern Ireland's government departments, a continuing agreement is yet to be explored.

The NIEA operates under the direction of the Northern Ireland Minister for the Environment. Its strategic objective is to "to create prosperity and well-being through Environment and Heritage excellence."

By advising, promoting, regulating and funding, NIEA are protecting and restoring Northern Ireland's rivers.

Email RRC for more information on what support is available to NIEA staff.


The aim of the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Rivers is to reduce the risk to life and damage to property from flooding from rivers and the sea and to undertake watercourse and coastal flood management in a sustainable manner.

Their vision is to manage flood risk to facilitate the social, economic and environmental development of Northern Ireland.

Department for Infrastructure


Scottish Environment




SEPA is Scotlands environmental regulator, this means they "protect and improve the environment, including the sustainable management of natural resources." 

As well as sustainably manage natural resources. SEPA also look to promote social and economic growth within Scotland.

Email RRC for more information on what support is available to SEPA staff.


SNH has been a continuous core funder since 1997 through its grant scheme. The current grant ended in November 2015 and we are in discussion over a new proposal for April 2016.

Funded by the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage looks to promote the sustainable use of Scotland's natural environment.

SNH's mission statement is "All of nature for all of Scotland". They are working towards a vision of Scotland's Natural Heritage in 2025 which will require the involvement of many organisations and individuals.


How to access support