2024 UK River Prize Application

The UK River Prize celebrates the achievements of those individuals and organisations working to improving the natural functioning of our rivers and catchments, and recognises the benefits to society of having a healthy natural environment.

SECTION A: Administrative

A1. Administrative details

Main Contact
Second Contact
Partner Organisation

If this is a joint application with another organisation(s), please provide the name(s) of the partner organisation(s) below:

Terms & Conditions
  1. The applicant must ensure that their project is uploaded onto the RiverWiki by February 19th 2024 to be entered into the evaluation process.
  2. You will retain ownership of intellectual property rights in submitted entries, supporting materials and images (the Entry) but grant the River Restoration Centre perpetual royalty free permission to use the Entry for any promotional or other non-commercial use with right to sublicense on condition that all use and sublicensed use is non-commercial only.
  3. Finalists may attend the 2024 River Restoration Centre Conference at their own expense and would have the opportunity to present their work via a conference poster; the UK River Prize process is unable to provide financial assistance. Discounted rates for small NGOs and individuals are available.
  4. Applicants must not contact any member of the UK River Prize judging panel (in relation to an entry) during the judging process, either verbally or in writing, about any specific application. This type of contact will render the entry of the person contacting the judging panel invalid. Any contact should be made via the RRC’s main contact page/email/phone number.
  5. Members of the UK River Prize judging panel may contact referees and make enquiries of acknowledged experts in regard to any of the entries. The judges' decision will be final.
  6. No submitted entries or supporting material will be returned to the applicant.

Application Scoring Criteria

All questions should be addressed in the corresponding section of the online forms. Please aim to answer the specific questions clearly, and as they relate to your project, as the application is scored on this basis.

[You may wish to draft your answers separately and then paste them in to the relevant sections below, in case you navigate away from this form. There is no retrieval system for lost text]

SECTION B: Your Organisation and Partners
SECTION C: Your Project
SECTION D: Demonstrate Achievements
SECTION E: Authenticity Verification
E.1 Referee Details
SECTION F: Supporting Documentation

F.1 Supporting Files (up to 15 files)

Please list up to 15 files (summaries, minimum of 4 good quality JPEG photos, short video, media coverage etc.). These may include project or scientific summaries, short reports or sections of reports and any other materials, such as testimonials, media reports, letters, maps, awards, etc. to support your application. If you have any large files over 100mb, please contact the RRC to discuss how to send them.

These documents must be provided electronically via the online application portal.

Once your application form has been submitted, you will be asked to upload the above supporting documentation.