2017/18 free joint events on integrated catchment delivery

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FREE attendance! A programme of events for sharing and embedding best practice that benefits agriculture, floods, economy and the environment

ALL EVENTS ARE FREE Web links take you to case study information and outputs from the events, and contacts for bookings are provided. Main point of contact integratedcatchmentevents@gmail.com

Purpose: Share evidence, good practice and help embed learning at a catchment scale and; Build future relationships between communities, institutes and partnerships

What? Up to 30 events on profitable farming and land management, flood risk and asset management and fish and wildlife passage. Visiting 20 catchments in England, exchanging experiences and lessons learnt.

2018 Programme

Farming, land management and natural flood management site visits: bringing together people involved in farming, flooding, dry weather and the environment

Connecting habitats - weir removal site visits

Estuaries and coasts

  • 24th April Coastal challenge summit - a national event for Coastal Partnerships
  • October up and down thinking for coastal and catchment partnerships - workshop
  • TBC Visiting managed realignment - Medmerry

Workshops and evening discussions

  • TBC Ministerial discussion - workshop on delivering the 25 year Environment Plan, EU Exit opportunities and natural capital 
  • TBC ‘Connecting Thames’ workshop exploring working with business, agriculture supply chain, connecting habitats and wildlife passage and mobilising money/HLF – market place on current and future opportunities

Sustainable growth

  • TBC visit Sustainable cities and future growth – Slough, garden cities and explore environment net gain
  • TBC Manchester urban pioneers
  • TBC Mobilising innovation Northumbria
  • TBC CIWEM southern - 17 or 24 May 2018 Annual seminar – “Flood and surface water management for developments” at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Reading
  • TBC Oxford to Cambridge growth and achieving net gain for the environment
  • TBC Integrated Area Plans, Area NFM workshops, FRMPs and RBMPs
  • TBC Partnership with Brazil – May 2018 week of events linked to Business in the Community?
  • TBC Rivers and Coasts week – a practical week of engaging in delivery on the ground building on rivers weeks, habitat master-classes and the opportunity with accessible natural flood management techniques
  • TBC East Anglia – focus catchments – Beds Ouse, Wissey, Suffolk Coast, Essex Colne



  • 29th May 2018 Institute of Fisheries Management salmon to Sheffield evening discussion and TBC afternoon visit to Wandle weir removal as part of Thames Tideway Tunnel mitigation measures
  • Yorkshire Rivers Recovery and Renewal invite

21st March 2018 - Institute of Fisheries Management workshop connecting rivers, people and partnerships - Loughborough University. Improving ecological connectivity Martyn Lucas, University of Durham, Unlocking the Severn, Richard Harrison, Canal and Rivers Trust, Weir removal, lessons learned Claire Rodgers, Royal HaskoningDHV, Appraising and evaluating fish passes Hull International Fisheries InstituteTrent Gateway opportunities, Arborfield weirs, wet wood and nature-like bypass channel Dominic Martyn, Environment Agency, Wissey siphon fish pass Kye Jerrom, Environment Agency. Contact: karen.twine@environment-agency.gov.uk; Bookings: https://ifm.org.uk/events/event/midlandsbranchworkshop/


TBC 19th March 2018 CIWEM southern branch, Oxford – Resilience and energy in the water sector

6th March 2018 - Estuaries and coastal waters - a national workshop bringing catchment and coastal partnerships together. CIWEM, Saffron Hill, Farringdon, London a.pryor@ucl.ac.uk - Completed 60 attended


25th January 2018 - Wessex integrated delivery workshop - Wessex Regional Flood and Coastal Committee event with the Environment Agency - Completed 36 attended

Date Feb/March 2018 TBC Institute of Fisheries Management workshop: bypass channels and removing weirs for flood management, hydropower and the ecology. Nottingham venue tbcContact: Steve.lawrie@environment-agency.gov.uk

  • Fish and ecology passage and structures, current best practice and future look. Martin Lucas, Aquatic Animal Ecology Research Leader, Durham University
  • Cost effective hydropower bypass channel and results. Darryl Clifton-Dey, Environment Agency
  • Salmon to Sheffield - cultural and heritage value. Martin Slater, Environment Agency
  • Landowner cost effective delivery. Pete King, South East Rivers Trust
  • Removing weirs on the Irwell. Olly Southgate, Environment Agency
  • Arborfield on Loddon. Dominic Martyn, Environment Agency

2018 Spring TBC Soils, flooding and farming workshop - for and delivered by farmers and making connections to Catchment Partnerships. Location tbc, Tom Ormesher Tom.Ormesher@nfu.org.uk

22nd and 23rd November 2017 CIWEM Conference on integrated catchment delivery for people, farming, flooding and the environment. London. Contact Dominic.Martyn@environment-agency.gov.uksophie@ciwem.org – Completed 138 attended

More information

  • Climate adaptation and water governance - current status and future collaboration. Natalie Foster, Open University and Damian Crilly, Catchment Manger Environment Agency
  • How the Thames and its tributaries flood and a view for a catchment approach. Amanda Nobbs, Chair tbc Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and Dave Bedlington, Area Flood Risk Manager, Environment Agency
  • Pontbrent, a farmer led project. Mike Richards, Coed Cymru 
  • Water Friendly Farming. Jeremy Biggs, Fresh Water Habitats Trust and Simon Bonney, Catchment Delivery Manager Environment Agency
  • Rebuilding soils for a better farming environment. Jenny Phelps Upper Thames Catchment Partnership and Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and Rob Richmond Farmer and Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust
  • Evenlode Natural Flood Management project and opportunities with catchment partnerships. Hilary Phillips, Wild Oxfordshire, Vaughan Lewis Windrush Aquatic Environmental Consultancy, Jo Old Environment Agency
  • Stroud Rural SUDs, a local authority success. Chris Uttley, Stroud District Council and Anne Wheeler, Chair Severn and Wye RFCC
  • CIWEM dredging report and findings. Alasdair Chisholm, CIWEM Policy Manager
  • Natural flood management and working with natural processes. Lydia Burgess-Gamble, Research Scientist, Environment Agency
  • Natural capital and payments for ecosystem services. Mark Everard, Associate Professor of Ecosystem Services. University of West of England

Weir removals site visits

10th November 2017 London Freshwater Group - discussing the integrated catchment delivery programme, stories so far and feeding in ideas for future. London, Natural History Museum, Carl Sayer c.sayer@ucl.ac.ukeleri.pritchard.15@ucl.ac.ukCompleted 63 attended

Farming and land management site visits: bringing together farming, flooding and environment

15th and 16th September 2017 Thames catchment bypasses and channels site visits: cost effective bypasses for flood management, hydropower and improving the ecology.
Led by Institute of Fisheries Management and Chartered Institution for Water and Environment Management. Contact rob.pearson@environment-agency.gov.uk - Completed 53 attended


21st March 2017 Farming and water management: an evening of presentations, discussion and supper with Richard Macdonald, Deputy Chair, Environment Agency.  Institute of Agricultural Management Thames. The Club, Mapledurham, Reading, RG4 7UD - Completed 27 attended