Mr Hugh Ellis - Salix River and Wetland Services Ltd

Product Supplier
River Yoe, Somerset. Flood Bank Repair (Completed Date: Jun 2008)

The River Yoe raised flood embankments in Somerset had become degraded by cattle. Willow Spiling was inappropriate and the Salix option adopted. The the erosion protection against the river flow and cattle was achieved with NAG C350 on the new slope for grass root anchorage and the new reed margin from the Pre-Established Coir Roll anchored at the waterline.

River Granta, Cambs. Channel Narrowing (Completed Date: May 2009)

The river was silting up and speeding the flow removes excess silt to create greater habitat diversity. The channel was narrowed from 6 meters wide to 3m wide by installing Pre-Established Reeds in Coir Rolls and Pre-Established Coir Pallets alternating reed margins creating a sinuous low flow channel. Faggots placed as angled stub groins accrete but created a central channel of clean faster flowing water.

Hugh has developed his knowledge and experience for 20 years of soil erosion control, bioengineering, riparian habitats, soil mechanics and channel hydraulics. He is able to provide element design advice on projects where civil engineers, landscape architects and ecologists are all involved. These systems allow engineers to provide a softer engineering solution of guaranteed performance and maximum habitat value.
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