Mr Hugh Ellis - Salix River and Wetland Services Ltd

Soil erosion control by techniques of measurable performance and maximum habitat value
River Darwen, Preston (Completed Date: Aug 2007)

The National Grid's gas pipeline runs along the bank of the River Darwen for two hundred metres. Erosion of the bank had reduced the bank protection to less than the required 10 metres. Hugh advised National Grid's consultant, R.S.K. Environmental, Cheshire, of an alternative to 'rip rap' that was safe and acceptable to the Environment Agency. The technique recovered the bank width with a safe but affordable 'soft engineering' system.

Timber Basin, Glasgow (Completed Date: Mar 2008)

Planning permission for the domestic development along the side of The Clyde Canal required a long term and 'natural' new water edge. Hugh advised the client's landscape architects, LKMK, Edinburgh, and the civil engineers, W A Fairhurst & Partners, of systems that achieved a safe soil slope leading down to a new reed margin along the 170 metres canal frontage.

For 16 years Hugh worked with the civil engineering companies Phi Group and Maccaferri. During that time he developed his knowledge and experience of soil erosion control, bioengineering, riparian habitats, soil mechanics and channel hydraulics. Now with Salix, he is able to provide element design advice on projects where civil engineers, landscape architects and ecologists are all involved. These systems allow engineers to provide a softer engineering solution of guaranteed performance and maximum habitat value.
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