Kieran Sheehan - JBA Consulting

Riparian and Aquatic Botany/Ecology
Protected and Invasive Species Survey
Riparian and Floodplain Linkages
River Restoration
Land Use Management
Lowthorpe Weir Removal (Completed Date: Oct 2015)

Kieran project managed the options appraisal and detailed design phases of removing the weir at Lowthorpe following comprehensive modelling, botanical and fluvial surveys and subsequent stakeholder consultation. The plan was implemented by Natural England and the Rivers Trust, improving the flow regime and WFD status within the SSSI.

Clerkenwater Weir Bypass (Completed Date: Oct 2015)

Kieran technically led on this project which involved the bypassing of a failing weir, which was left in-situ. The final implemented scheme resulted in the re-occupation of a palaeochannel: it included rocky cascades and pool features to aid fish passage, based on analogues observed up and downstream on the Clerkenwater.

River Derwent Floodbank Removal (Completed Date: Jun 2016)

Kieran was the project manager on this commission for the Environment Agency.  This was a multi-disciplinary study involving ecology, geomorphology, archaeology, flood modelling and contaminated land assessment. Following landowner and stakeholder consultation, detailed design was undertaken for the preferred options: CWD input in combination with bank removal.

Kieran has 20 years’ experience working across the UK and Ireland. As a botanist with a keen interest in geomorphology, Kieran has worked on a number of river systems, including the Wharfe and Black Devon in the UK and the Moy and Clare in Ireland. Kieran focusses on the links between the river and floodplain and the colonisation of sediment types by plants and how this can affect river ecosystems post restoration.
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