Thomas Ash - Ash Environmental

Basic environmental enginering
Habitat management and restoration
Fisheries management
Invasive weed control
Pond restoration for Great crested Newts (Completed Date: Jan 2012)

Provided free assessment of practical environmental and cost considerations for pond restoration. Commissioned by council, completed draining of pond, tree surgery, dredging and construction of dipping platform for education. Four more new ponds to be restored/created for newts Nov 2012.

Invasive weed control (Completed Date: Dec 2010)

A 2.5 acre fishing lake with severe Elodia invasion and fish kill potential. The owner was consulted on all possible methods for weed management. A programme was excercised involving weed cutting boats, light reflecting chemicals and introduction of Grass Carp. many Similar projects undertaken.

Science background includes BSc Hons in Environmental monitoring and management, with attention to water quality and general conservation. Associate membership of Institute of Ecology and environmental management with programme of CPD. Experienced in Bird, Reptile and amphibian surveys, with training and involvement in Otter, Water Vole, crayfish, Dormouse and phase 1; consultancy, surveys and monitoring. More recent voluntary work includes, Sussex pond surveyor for Wildlife trust, BTO bird surveyor. Involvement with Sussex Amphibian and reptile group committee. 14 years self employed (running small team) in landscape construction industry including ground-works, all kinds of fencing, planting schemes, woodland management, habitat restoration schemes, fisheries and innovative bespoke environmental solutions. 28 years fishing experience.
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