RRC Conferences
Each year the River Restoration Centre (RRC) holds an Annual Network Conference that brings together professionals from all areas of river restoration including contractors, engineers, consultants, academics, and representatives from trusts, local organisations, and government agencies. The event is run over two days and includes around 50 speakers, workshop sessions and many other opportunities to network and make new contacts. Speakers present interesting, engaging presentations on their research or recent projects on current, hot topics.
2018 Annual Network Conference   UK River Prize
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The 19th RRC Annual Network Conference was held in Nottingham on April 24th & 25th 2018, entitled "River Restoration: Engaging with Rivers".

Thank you to all those who presented, helped with workshops, and attended. You all made it a great event. See you next year! View outputs


Each year the RRC Annual Network Conference hosts the UK River Prize Awards Dinner celebrating best practice in river restoration, where the Nigel Holmes Trophy is awarded to the winner. The finalists and winner of the 2018 prize have been announced and more information can be found here.

Previous Conferences
Over the years our conferenes have been a huge success. Previous venues include Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, York, Blackpool and Brighton. You can look back at the content of each conference and see how river restoration has developed over the years. We have also uploaded photos from the conferences so you can get an idea of what to expect from one of our RRC conferences. Information on all of our previous conferences can be found here.