Over 500 Children Take Part in the Ribble Rivers Trust 'Rivers in the Classroom'

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Over 500 children across 17 schools have taken part in the 'Rivers in the Classroom' education programme this school year. This forms part of the Ribble Rivers Trust's Ribble Life Together project and other ongoing schemes.

Part funded by the Community Challenge Fund, the project helped the trust to inspire the next generation and give youngsters hands-on experience out in the environment. From classroom based activities to river detective work on the river banks, the children have been learning about the life-cycles of their local fish and wildlife.

The project enabled schools to integrate the learning into everyday life and classes such as Art and English. It also gave the children the opportunity to get outside and form a connection to their local watercourses while exploring the importance of rivers in relation to water quality and bathing waters.

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