New Guidance Published for Integrated Flood Management

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Associated Programme on Flood Management has published new guidance to support the design of integrated flood management strategies.

Developed in cooperation with Deltared, the document outlines how to develop balanced strategies to reduce flood risk.

Aimed at flood planners, flood defence designers and flood control systems operations, the guidance document includes an overview of structural and non-structural measures from flood hazard to flood impact. These measures range from restoring wetlands and building green infrastructure to implementing early warning systems and mapping flood hazards.

The guidance advises both top-down and bottom-up approaches to flood risk strategies. A top-down approach will enable the development of coherent strategies, whereas a bottom-up approach will enhance stakeholder engagement and promote links to urban development and nature restoration.

The guidance presents a policy analysis and planning framework to guide the implementation of integrated flood management.

View the document here: Strategic Measures and Designing Strategies for Integrated Flood Management

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