River Prize Applicant: Twineham Project on the Adur

The Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust used funding provided by the Environment Agency and Rampion Offshore Wind Ltd to open 4.8km of previously inaccessible river and provide habitat which will allow naturally sustainable fish populations to develop through the site. A total of four weirs were removed, five backwater/refuge habitats created, 10 tonnes of gravel augmented and 6000 trees planted in a unique approach which saw the landowner contracted to undertake the work. A series of earth berms were constructed within the footprint of the existing channel to provide sinuosity and flow dynamics and also provide access to the river for anglers at all water levels. This approach realised a cost saving in excess of £160,000 and has turned a series of linear ponds into a diverse and dynamic river system >>

Latest Bulletin

This month, we look at the RRC Conference from a consultants perspective with a blog by Suzie Maas from Atkins. More outputs are now available from the conference as well as our Australian River Restoration Seminar. Finally, there's an opportunity to visit a UK River Prize finalist project with our 2016 members site visit series.