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providing an  impartial view on projects   advice on 200+ projects over 20+ years   NRRI and RHS data, 70,000 images and   80 case studies    organisations may   be entitled to discounts
How we can help
The River Restoration Centre (RRC) can provide support at any stage of a project. If you are unsure about how RRC can support your organisation please see "What's available to you?" further down the page.
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What's available to you?
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 Community groups & Trusts

  RRC has national collaborative agreements with EA, NE, SEPA, SNH, Rivers Agency and NRW. All staff in these organisations are members of RRC.     RRC members are entitled to free advice as well as discounted rates for more substantial advice and site visits.      With funding from Esmee 
Fairbairn, RRC is able to provide Free project advice to small UK trusts, community groups & partnerships.

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  Individuals and Students



RRC can answer questions about your local river and provide information and data for students to use in their studies. In some cases we may have to ask you to become a member.   
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Project experience
The Centre has advised on many river restoration and river habitat enhancement projects, from small-scale ambitions to million-pound schemes.

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Report Examples

"Thank you RRC for your input. You significantly expanded the horizons for our project at a critical juncture, and helped us to shape a strategic, integrated and sensitive environmental design".
Principal Environmental Project Manager, Environment Agency - July 2013.


If you are involved in a restoration project and would like to find out more information about the support that the River Restoration Centre can offer, please contact us.